Address: Highway Marine Ltd. Pillory Gate Wharf, Strand Street, Sandwich, Kent CT13 9EU England

Telephone: 01304 613925 (international calls: +44 1304 613925)
Riverside Accommodation:
01304 611433 (international calls +44 1304 611433)


Longitude: 01’20’.53 E.

By Road: We are located centrally between Ramsgate and Dover on the East Kent coast . from london the easiest route is A2 to Faversham then A299 to Ramsgate and A256 to Sandwich.

By Sea: From Dover head north towards Ramsgate, staying inside the Breaksands, until you reach the safe water mark. From there follow the navigation marks into the river mouth.

From Ramsgate, head west lining up the outer harbour wall with a transit of the left hand and tall chimney of Richborough Power Station.

Sandwich Harbour Maste
r: 07958 376 183

Ramsgate Harbour: 01843 572 100

Emergencies: 999

How to find us

Attempting to navigate the estuary without appropriate knowledge or equipment would be unwise. The following is a guide only and no responsibility is accepted for groundings etc.
Entry and exit are possible two hours before, until two hours after, high water Richborough which is roughly the same as Ramsgate Harbour. Communications between vessels is on VHF channel 8 and there is an 8 knot speed limit through the water. All buoys are seasonal only.

Entering the River Stour from Sandwich
If one was to draw a line between the outside edge of Ramsgate Harbour and the tall chimney of Richborough Power station, this line would follow the line of the approach channel into the River Stour. Approximately half way (bias towards Ramsgate Harbour) one should find the red and white safe water buoy, which is the start of the marked entrance channel. From this buoy one can see the large, four legged Scaffold Tower (no.2), head to this, passing to the north. Then head for the first tripod (no.4), again passing to the north. These both have north cardinal marks. You will notice ahead of you the Power Station chimney and cooling towers, beneath these, on the beach, are red and yellow Leading Marks.

Another point of reference is that the tall chimney is in the centre of the left cooling tower. So, from the safe water buoy you have the Scaffold Tower, first tripod, and second tripod, Leading Marks and the Power Station all in a line. Continue towards these leading marks until you find, close to the beach, a tripod with an east cardinal mark (no.6). Approaching as close as you dare, turn north (or to your right). On travelling around Shellness beach, there are several port hand single- pole withies on your left and, in the season, green starboard buoys to your right. Bare in mind all buoys are seasonal only. In front of you now you will see another tripod, this time with a south cardinal mark (no.11), approach this tripod and turn to port (your left) heading west. You are now travelling in the confines of the channel; you will see another tripod (no. 16) with a red can top mark serving to keep vessels away from the beach. Continue around the bend and stay between the single-pole withies.

On exceptionally high tides the single-pole withies are only an indication of the channel. Stay between these round the next two bends. Do not under any circumstance try to cut corners! The channel is approximately 35 metres wide. At one point you will feel you are too close to the beach but following from tripod to tripod should keep you in deep water.

Travelling the River
On travelling the river between the end of the marked channel and the first set of moorings at Sandwich, deep water can generally be found on the inside of the bends. It is possible for very shallow draft boats to enter and leave at low water neap tides, with extreme caution, but not recommended.

Leaving the River
On leaving the river don’t be fooled by what looks like open water. From the tripod with the south cardinal mark (no.11) turn sharp starboard (your right), follow the beach to the tripod with east cardinal mark (no.6) then turn sharp port (your left) travelling straight to Ramsgate Harbour until in safe water.