Boat Share Scheme

Have you always wanted to own a boat but thought it was too expensive and out of reach?

Or maybe you’ve had your eye on the boat of your dreams but can’t quite make the figures add up?

If so, then Highway Marine’s FREE

Boat Share Scheme could be the answer…
We have a database of people from all parts of the UK who are looking to share a boat with someone locally in order to reduce their initial outlay and overall boating costs. We put like-minded boaters in touch with each other who wish to share the price tag of boating.

  • There are many advantages to boat sharing over sole ownership:
  • The initial cost of purchasing the boat is halved therefore you can afford a much better boat and in most cases a newer model
  • Mooring, storage, cranage & engine servicing costs are shared, saving you hundreds of pounds a year
  • Ongoing maintenance throughout the year is pooled, freeing up more of your leisure time and ensuring the boat is kept in better condition
  • Any unexpected costs as well as future depreciation are shared, making your boating cheaper

Below are the typical costs per person for an 8 metre motor cruiser:

Sole ownership
Boat Share Scheme
Boat survey prior to purchase
Mechanical check prior to purchase
Boat purchase
Mooring (per year)

For more information or to register for our FREE Boat Share Scheme, please click here