Boatyard Services and Boat Lifting (2024)

Alongside Pontoon Mooring £6.00 per metre, per week.

(payable annually, 1st March)

Fingerberth, Quayside and Other Moorings £5.00 per metre, per week

(payable annually, 1st March)

Weekly Mooring £13.00 per metre, per week

(min. charge 1 week).

Overnight Charge £20.00
Hardstanding quarterly £4.00 per metre, per week

(payable quarterly).


Hardstanding weekly £8.00 per metre, per week

(min. charge 1 week).

Second Car/Campervan/Caravan/Non Berth-Holder’s Trailer Charge £160.00 per quarter

Tender/Mast/Cradle Storage Ashore

£70.00 per quarter

(with permanent mooring/hardstanding)

Trailer Storage (berth-holders rate) £320.00 per year (payable annually)
Works Tunnel (large) hire £55 per week

(plus set up/removal charges)

Works Tunnel (small) hire £25 per week

(plus set up/removal charges)

Boat Cranage Up To 25 tonnes


£22.00 per metre, per lift.

(Lift, hold, relaunch within 24hrs charged @ 1.5 lifts. Last lift at 1600).


Boat Cranage Over 25 tonnes  Hire crane charge (plus banksman at £55.00 per hour, per man)
Crane Inboard/Outboard Engines £75.00 per lift.

(maximum 1 hour. Lift & hold @ 1.5 lifts)

Yacht Cradle Hire £9.00 per week.

Breakdown Recovery/Towing/Use Of Workboat

£80.00 per hour (£97.00 per hour, out of hours)
Pressure Washing   £8.50 per metre (below waterline, including outdrive)
Antifouling £25.00 per metre, plus materials

(one coat – leg preperation & prime extra if needed)

Topsides polishing By quotation.
Valet By quotation.
Onboard tuition £55.00 per hour.
Yacht delivery by road or sea By quotation.
Shipwright Services By quotation.
Mail/Parcel Receiving Service £14.00 per month

(payable annually on 1st July)

Water surcharge £260.00 per year (payable as per mooring period)

Undercover Boat Storage & Works Tunnel
Everyone aims to have their boat ashore in the winter months to carry out any necessary work so that they are ready to go to sea when the warmer weather arrives. In reality it is often too cold and wet to get much done until the spring.

We have a solution…..

We have modified a poly tunnel so that it can be craned into position over your boat.

We are able to accommodate boats with a maximum height of 16’, a maximum length of 42’ and a maximum beam of 18’.

This service is subject to availability and can be booked in advance.


Use of Works Tunnel £55.00 per week

Setting Up / Removal of Tunnel £130.00
(or standard lifting charge)