Terms & Conditions

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Mooring/hardstanding charges are payable in advance and are non-refundable, a mooring space will not be held after the invoice due date. Should a mooring be re-let during the mooring contract period, a £80.00 administration fee is payable.  Anyone in arrears with their mooring will be craned out, the owner will be liable for cranage charges and then hardstanding fees. If the boat remains on a mooring after the annual berthing elapses, the weekly berthing rate will apply.

Highway Marine  does not provide residential moorings and allocates moorings on a year-by-year basis. Boats may be moved to a similar mooring at our discretion. Sub-letting of Highway Marine moorings is not permitted. Storing of any gear on the pontoons or shore is not permitted. Power leads to be stowed aboard when not in use, no liability is accepted for damaged leads left lying in the boatyard.

All invoices must be paid (cleared funds) for before a boat leaves the yard / moorings, or changes ownership. If the boat is moored or stored at Highway Marine, invoices (other than moorings/hardstanding which are due in advance) must be paid within seven days.  If an invoice remains unpaid after 3 months, the boat will be sold to recover the charges.

All lifting to be carried out (or arranged) by Highway Marine. No boat lifting on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. No lifting after 1600.

Outside contractors to report to HML for gate details, and produce public liability insurance details before entering the site. A 10% (+VAT) yard fee will be charged on all work. Any potentially hazardous work (welding etc) must be reported to HML staff prior to commencement.

No other yacht brokers are permitted to operate from our site. On any boat sold privately from our site, there is a 1% (+VAT) yard fee payable on the sale price, or a 3% (+VAT) yard fee if it is a boat listed on our brokerage service.

A minimum 6 metre charge applies to all yard work, cranage and moorings. All charges are calculated on LOA of vessel, including all fixed davits, bowsprit etc, to the nearest metre above.

Prior to mast work by Highway Marine, sails and boom are to be removed, electrics unplugged, and seized rigging screws unlocked by the owner. Logs need to be removed, if they are sited where a sling may foul them on lifting.

Additional assistance by yard staff: £51.00 per hour.

Highway Marine reserves the right to rescind a mooring, or remove from the hardstanding anyone behaving unacceptably. One week’s notice will be given and only full months will be refunded (if the berth can be re-let).

Highway Marine reserves the right to use any unoccupied moorings while boats are ashore or away from their berth, and the mooring will be made available (for the berth holders boat only), with 24hrs notice.

Cradles and blocks may only be adjusted by Highway Marine staff. No responsibility is accepted for any damage caused by owners moving, or adjusting, blocks/cradles set up by our staff. No tarpaulins, or lines, should be attached to shores, chocks or wedges. Tarpaulins should be removed prior to extreme winds (HML staff will cut free any that pose a danger in high winds).

Yachts being stored ashore, must have all the sails removed and stowed below. If they are not removed this will be done by Highway Marine staff and charged at our standard hourly rate. Re-fit gear, tools etc to remain under the boat and not spill out into the yard.

On launching a boat if mooring lines are not found onboard, or are inadequate to safely tie up the boat, new lines will be supplied at the owners cost. This applies to any lines that are found to be chaffing through or inadequate during routine inspections.

All boats must carry a minimun of third party insurance and be covered for removal of wreck. If, on request by Highway Marine, this cannot be produced the boat will be lifted out until proof of insurance is sighted. Owners must carry their own insurance for all boats, trailers and any other gear stored on Highway Marine premises, all are stored solely at the owner’s risk.

All trailers must be in good working order, with a hitch or wheel lock fitted (spare key held by Highway Marine). If repairs are required to move them, these will be carried out at the owners cost (including pumping up tyres, freeing-off jockey wheels etc)

Port & Haven dues are payable to The Port & Haven Commission at The Guildhall, Sandwich, CT13 9AH. Harbour Master: 07463 721714.  All berthing customers of Highway Marine will have their details passed to the Port and Haven Commission for collection of harbour dues. All boats berthed at Highway Marine, must display the boat name on both bows, and the name and home port on the stern.

Mains water must not be permenantly plumbed in to any boat as this is a sinking  risk, all taps to be turned off after use. Highway Marine are responsible for water and power supplies up to the electric hook-up/tap. Water usage must be ‘reasonable’.

Caravans/campervans are not permitted on site. Parking of second vehicles, or vehicles that lack tax/insurance or MOT is not permitted on site, unless agreed by Highway Marine and charged at our car storage rate.