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2024 Tide Table [pdf]

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Attempting to navigate the estuary without appropriate knowledge or equipment would be unwise.

The following is a guide only and no responsibility is accepted for groundings etc.

Entry and exit are possible two hours before, until two hours after, high water Richborough which is roughly the same as Ramsgate Harbour.

Communications between vessels is on VHF channel 8 and there is an 8 knot speed limit through the water. All buoys are seasonal only.

For more detailed information please contact Sandwich Harbour Master: 07958 376183

www.visitmyharbour.com :: The Sandwich Port and Haven Commission

Travelling the River
On travelling the river between the end of the marked channel and the first set of moorings at Sandwich, deep water can generally be found on the inside of the bends. It is possible for very shallow draft boats to enter and leave at low water neap tides, with extreme caution, but not recommended.


Charting local and national weather conditions.