Marine Contracting

At Highway Marine we offer various marine and water based services. These include, tree felling and pruning,  dredging and de-silting using mini excavators and water injection methods, guard boat/rescue boat services, quayside works (fendering and structural works), laying moorings and navigation buoys, lake and pond clearance (including lake landscaping, for example island building/removal).  

Fender pole installation in Sandwich

Fender pole installation

The riparian owners of river frontage have a duty not to impede navigation on a waterway, or to allow mud, reeds or other debris to block river flow, from a drainage point of view. Where the access from the bank is blocked, or dangerous, its is often necessary to work from the water.  

We have a 2.5 tonne steel works barge, with optional spud legs for stability. This can be supplied with edge protection for operatives working from it, or with up to a 2 tonnes excavator for de-silting work. For moving the barge we use a GRP workboat/tug.

The barge has been built to a size and weight that allow it to be easily transported by road and can be launched on either a slipway, or craned in.

The barge is often used for inspecting the underside of bridges (we can add a scaffold tower for higher access) and culverts. 

De-silting Sandwich town quay

De-silting Sandwich town quay

 When we are clearing or deepening lakes, we dig the spoil onto the barge and then transport it to the edge of the lake to be removed by digger. 

We regularly carry out work for Jackson, Murphy, Mackley and The Environment Agency, with references and testimonials available. We also do a great deal of local work where we are based on the River Stour.

Full site survey, Risk Assesment and Method statement carried out before all works. All operatives are first aid trained and we have an MCA/RYA commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Offshore for all works at sea. Full PPE, spill kits and all other safety equipment provided.   

If you have a water based project, please gives us a call and we will be delighted to offer our services, or even just some advise.  

Contact: James Blackmore